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SmartWinch and 2.4 GHz Radio Systems

The compatibility problem between the SmartWinch and 2.4 GHz radios is due to the 2.4 GHz system startup delay and the way the D model and earlier SmartWinch is put into setup mode. The information here was written with the assumption that this startup delay is not more than a couple of seconds. But some 2.4 GHz systems can take longer than a few seconds to start up. Should the 2.4 GHz system start up at the SmartWinch  setup mode entry time then setup mode will be entered. If this happens simply turn the SmartWinch off then try again. NEVER turn the Tx off or pull the Rx lead out of the Rx if setup mode was entered accidentally otherwise settings may be altered. For how to program a D or earlier series SmartWinch with 2.4GHz, please go to the How to Program a SmartWinch page. 

arrow.jpg E Models
Compatibility issues with the 2.4GHz systems are completely eliminated in the E series 
If your SmartWinch is an E model (280EF, 280ES, 280EL, 380ES or 380EH) there is no need to read on.

arrow.jpg rev 2, D Models

Unfortunately there is no solution for the D models revision 2 if the radio set does not have a signal available to the winch from the receiver when the winch is turned on. Most 2.4GHz radios have a startup delay too long for the rev 2, D model to work at all.