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Repairs & Upgrades

arrow.jpg General Repairs

 With a small amount of care and maintenance a SmartWinch will give reliable service for many years. But should the need arise we offer a prompt repair service to get our customers back on the water as quickly as possible. Repairs are usually done within a few days of arrival.

There are also a few others who can repair our products. If it is more convenient, you might try one of the following repairers. But please remember that for ALL warranty claims, you must deal directly with us. If you think your RMG product may require a warranty repair or to discuss any problems with our products please email Rob.

Please Note: All warranty claims must come directly to us.

When sending a winch for repair, please include as much information as you can about the problem including the type of radio system, voltage used. Does the rudder servo work but the winch doesn't etc etc.


Country / State Name Phone / website Email
Western Australia Denton Roberts (08) 9245 5385 radioyacht.supp@optusnet.com.au 
Queensland Ross Capper 07 5594 3008  
Queensland Peter Griffin 0418 889 723 sales.pioms@gmail.com
New South Wales Jon Pinkerton 4229 4053 thepinkos37@tpg.com.au
Victoria Red Ant Radio Yachts 0439395654 joscelle@bigpond.net.au
New Zealand David Hemsley 07 5771 753 davidhemsley@clear.net.nz
Bermuda Gaven Black   gblack@link.bm
Germany Markus Greinwald www.iom-segeln.de info@rc-segeln.com
France Christian Collignon 0033 4 9487 4730 christian.collignon2@free.fr
France Xavier Liger 0612170249 liger.xavier@free.fr
USA David Ramos www.rcyachts.com david@rcyachts.com 
USA Larry Stiles 360 856 6499 stilesboats@comcast.net
UK Ken Binks  www.kbits.co.uk  info@kbits.co.uk 
UK  Bill Green 21 705 4478 billcgreen@sky.com
Spain Pedro Egea www.vela-rc.com info@vela-rc.com
Turkey Levend Gurkan 90 533 216 0469 levend@gurkan.me


arrow.jpg Upgrades

Prices are based on minimum work required to perform task. Any other repairs required will be charged extra.

All of these conversions are covered by 12 month warranty.

Prices are in Australian Dollars. Export Price is GST exclusive. Australian Price includes 10% GST.

ServiceExport PriceAustralian Price
E model Conversion from Dumb Winch$215.00$236.50
E model Conversion from A model  $215.00$236.50
E model Conversion from C or D model $145.00$159.50
Hex Drive Conversion from early round shaft winches $60.00$66.00
General Repairs  P.O.A.

 Dumb Winch
RMG winches produced between December 1988 and January 1993 (affectionately known as Dumb Winches) can be converted to a SmartWinch by replacing the electronics. This includes replacement of the black box and its contents, feedback potentiometer and leads. A SmartWinch Users Guide is also included.
Please note that the model of our winch previous to the "DumbWinch" (mechanical) can not be converted to a
However, due to the cost involved, it would be better to consider a new

arrow.jpg A Model to E Conversion
The A models, SW280 and SW380 can be converted to 280ES and 380ES respectively. This requires replacement of the entire electronics and leads as well as certain mechanical components. However, due to the cost involved, it would be better to consider a new SmartWinch.

arrow.jpg C & D Models to E Conversion
All C and D models can be upgraded to their respective E model equivalent. This requires replacement of the electronics, potentiometer and leads.

arrow.jpg Hex Drive Conversion
SmartWinch and "Dumb Winches" with round output shaft can be converted to the hexagonal drum attachment. This involves the replacement of the front end of the winch including front plate, bearing, final drive gear, shaft and drum. The large compound gear, chassis spacers and top shaft are modified. Unless specified otherwise the new hex drive drum will be the 26mm.