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arrow.jpg RMG SAILWINCH is owned and operated by me, Rob Guyatt. The business was a partnership between me and Michele. However as of July 1, 2016 I have become sole owner and Michele is now an  employee instead of partner. We sold our first production sailwinch servo in 1984. For the first 15 years it was a part time hobby business only. Michele worked as a Hair Dresser and also for Aust Post. I started out as a Boilermaker Welder then later became a Mechanical Design Drafter. I left the Drafting job in 1999 and went full time initially with the idea of doing contract drafting but as time went on sailwinch sales increased to the extent where I do very little contract drafting now. Michele also gave up the day job and is also full time in the "winch factory". 

Our daughter Kimberly also works in "the factory". Kim does all the electronic and mechanical assembly.

Michele's main duties include processing orders and keeping the books.

Me? apart from mostly getting in the way of the girls, I make the parts for Kim to assemble and Michele to sell.

Our "factory" is in the backyard of our home at Angaston in South Australia's Barossa Valley about an hour drive North East of Adelaide. The Barossa is Australia's premier wine region. Yes, I do say that from experience ;-)


My club is the Adelaide Radio Control Yacht Racing Club. I sail IOM. My current boat is a Mad Max . My sailing performance? Well, let's just say I am better at making winches than winning races.

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