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SmartWinch Programming

RMGSwitch BEC Method
E models revision 2

Before starting these procedures.

  • The boat must be wired as per RMGSwitch BEC instructions.  
  • Boat and transmitter (Tx) is on and winch is responding normally to Tx stick control.
  • Battery must be fully charged for Setup 2.
  • When instructed to "press the button", the button must he held down for less than 1 second.
  • When instructed to "press and hold the button", the button must he held down for the specified time.

arrow.jpg Setup Procedure 1     Tx End Point Limits and Travel

  1. Remove drum if first time for Setup 1 or after reset done in Setup 2.
  2. Place Tx stick at full in position and adjust trim all the way in the same direction as the stick.
  3. Press and hold the button until the LED turns off for the 2nd time. Then wait for the long ring tone like sound signal and immediately move the Tx stick to the full out position.

    About 3 seconds after the button is released there will be a ring tone like sound signal. About 3 seconds after moving the stick to full out another ring tone will indicate that the Tx end points have been saved. The winch can not move at this time.
  4. Move stick back to full in and wait for a third long beep.

    After the 3rd ring tone the winch can be driven by the Tx stick.
  5. Fit drum and manually adjust the lines to set the main boom at full in. Ensure stick remains at close hauled for this step.
  6. Using the stick, drive the winch out until the booms are at the desired full out position.

    The winch will run at a lower speed at this time. Take care not to go too far out as travel is set to maximum at this time.
  7. With the winch still at the new full out position, press the button.

    The SmartWinch will automatically restart with the new settings.

    This completes Setup 1.

Setup 1 Tips
If removed and reinstalled in same boat with the same Tx or if Rx only is replaced then Setup 1 does not need to be re-done. If the Tx is changed then only Setup 1steps 1 to 3 needs to be redone. If the Tx sail control channel is reversed then Setup 1 steps 1 to 3 must be redone.

Set the booms closer in to center line than normal when setting up at step 4 (but not so tight that the winch is under load). Later when trimming sails for racing the Tx trimmer, EPA or ATL can be used to vary full in sail trim. This will not effect full out position.

If Tx trimmer was left in center at Step 1 and subsequently moved inward dead stick will occur. It is best to leave Tx trimmer at minimum for Setup.

arrow.jpg Setup Procedure 2     Auxiliary Settings

Note: Setup 1 must have been run previously but does not need to be done each time Setup 2 is run.

  1. Place Tx stick at desired position.
    For SLT, DB and RMP put stick at full in for minimum, full out for maximum or an intermediate position as desired.
    For LBS, drive boom to desired shutdown position between half way and full out. 
    For Reset or Battery Monitoring On or OFF the Tx stick position does not matter.
  2. Press and hold the RMGSwitch button. Release the button immediately the LED turns off for the 4th time. 

    About 3 seconds after the button is released, a ring tone like signal will sound. A few seconds later there will be one beep per second up to 10 beeps.
  3. Press the button immediately the required number of beeps has sounded. See table 1 below.

    If you accidentally pressed the button after the wrong number of beeps then just turn winch off now and no changes will be made.
  4. Press the button one more time to save the new setting.

    The startup signal indicates that the SmartWinch has restarted with the new setting.

This completes Setup 2.

Setup 2 Tips

Setup 2 is locked out until travel (Setup 1) has been set.
For Setup 2, the drum and sheets may be left attached unless performing Reset.
Batteries should be fully charged when setting Battery Monitoring to on to determine the appropriate shutdown level.
If the button is pressed at 8 or 9 beeps or not pressed within 1 second of the 10th beep, the SmartWinch will restart without changing any settings.
If the button is pressed at 5 beeps, Battery Monitoring On, a number of beeps will be heard indicating the battery monitoring level set. (See Table 2 below)

Setup 2 Beeps Count Table 1

Beeps  Setting
1  Single ended Scaled Linear Travel (SLT)
2  Double ended Scaled Linear Travel (SLT)
3  Low Battery Shutdown Position (LBS)
4  Input Signal Deadband (DB)
5  Battery Monitoring ON
6  Battery Monitoring OFF
7  Ramp Rate (RMP)
10  Reset All settings to default. Drum must be removed first.


Battery Monitoring Voltage Levels Table 2

Level Battery Pack Detect Warn Shutdown
1 4 Cells <=6.2 <=4.7 <=4.4
2 5 Cells or 6V Gel >6.2 <=5.7 <=5.0
3 6 Cells NiCd/NimH 2 Cell LiPo >7.5 <=6.9 <=6.1
4 Battery Monitoring turned off