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SmartWinch Deceleration Rate Adjustment 

Transmitter On/Off Method

For D revision 2  models when using AM or FM radios

Before starting

  •   Winch is OFF
  •   Winch connected to receiver (Rx)
  •   Transmitter (Tx) OFF
  •    End points should be calibrated to this Tx previously for best results


  1. Move Tx stick close hauled for fastest rate, full out for slowest or any intermediate position as desired.
  2. Turn the winch on and wait 13 seconds till the 3 rising tones then turn Tx ON immediately (within 2 seconds).

  3. Turn tx OFF.

    At this point 2 quick beeps will sound indicating the new setting has been saved. 
  4. Turn winch OFF.

    Note: This procedure can be performed as often as you like. There are no special requirements for deleting old settings before performing the procedure. Old settings are automatically replaced when new settings are made.